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iloveranchdressing is an online encyclopedia of perfumes, a perfume magazine and a community of perfume lovers. iloveranchdressing informs their readers about new perfume launches, about famous fragrances and less-known but wonderful scents. Together we travel in time and space, where perfumes are the shining stars we use to navigate. We learn about their history, we discover far-away places and respectfully explore the life we see around us, always taking time to be amazed by Nature. iloveranchdressing is a place to learn from each other and relax in the company of your soul mates.

iloveranchdressing is an independent magazine, based in San Diego. iloveranchdressing is available in several different languages and is open to everybody. You are welcome to contribute your reviews, read our articles and other content for your individual information, and to take part in our forum discussions as well. We only ask you to be considerate of each other to enable everyone to enjoy their experience.

Press Relations

If you are a perfume brand, no matter big or small, we want to hear news from you! We prefer email contact (feel free to email [email protected] or any of the team members directly). The more comprehensive your material is, the easier it will be for our editors to include your creations into our encyclopedia or announce them in the News section. You can send samples and press materials to the following postal address: