Various Questions about Perfumes & Fragrances Answered

September 13, 2019 By Marin

A wardrobe for women is incomplete without having at least best perfumes for women 2020 and many times also a collection of perfumes. There are many different types of perfumes available in the market and it can be confusing for buyers while buying various types of perfumes. Perfumes and fragrances are made by using different ingredients but snger and are stronger than others. Perfumes and fragrances help people remain fresh as it gives a pleasant fragrance to a person’s body.

Many people have a lot of questions regarding different types of perfumes and the following are some answers to most frequently asked questions about perfumes and fragrances:

Frequently Asked Questions of Perfumes & Fragrances

Is there a compatibility factor in perfumes?

Sometimes a perfume smells very good on a friend or colleague but when used for ourselves it does not smell as good as it did on someone else when they wore it. This is because of the compatibility of a person’s chemical structure and the composition of the perfume matters. The compatibility with perfumes depends on the hormones, the skin type and also the medications that a person is on or what the person eats in their diet.

A perfume when it comes in contact with people’s skin tends to alter and it can become sour or sweet depending on the factors mentioned above. The change in the smell of the perfume also depends on the type of ingredients used in the perfume. Woody perfumes with deeper notes will not change as much as citrus and floral perfumes which can be more volatile. This is why it is important to buy perfumes that are tried personally and not something that smells good on others.

Can perfume be worn in the Sun?

Many times people wonder whether it is a good idea to wear perfume in the sun. The answer to that question is no, it is not a good idea to wear perfume in the sun unless it specifically says on the bottle that it is suitable for sun exposure. Perfume exposed to the sun can over stimulate pigmentation cells which mean brown patches on the skin where perfume has been exposed to sun. The perfume can be worn in a way that it does not come in contact with the skin by wearing it on the clothes. Sun exposure is overall a bad idea for perfumes and fragrances. Always read the instructions on the bottle before wearing the perfume.

How to get rid of too much perfume?

Sometime over-spritzing of perfume takes place and people wear more perfume than is needed. This causes the strengthening of the scent of the perfume and this can cause intense irritation to people wearing the perfume and also for people nearby. Using a lemon to remove the smell is a good idea, dabbing it with cotton pads, soap and water are perfectly acceptable ways to remove the perfume.

How to shop for perfumes without getting tired?

Perfumes are usually bought after personally whiffing and trying out different perfumes to find the best fit. Trying out different perfumes before choosing the right one can be a time consuming and very tiring shopping trip. Many people wonder how it is possible to try different perfumes without tiring and confusing the nose. A great idea is to have a nice coffee and smell the roasted coffee beans while shopping to refresh the nose and continue the process of shopping for perfumes. The nose usually gets tired after 4 to 5 fragrances and taking a break is a good idea.

Can perfumes be mixed?

Perfumes are made using different ingredients so mixing perfumes is not a bad idea. Currently mixing perfumes is a major trend that many people are trying out and in places like the Middle East, this trend is so popular that women mix multiple perfumes to create their favorite scent. Some popular fragrance houses like Jo Malone encourage their customers to mix perfumes. Different types of perfumes work well on different individuals. Mixing perfumes is a great idea for customers who want to create their unique scents.

Perfume choice depends on one personality of people. There are basic varieties of perfumes available in the market and for example, mixing an oriental perfume with a floral perfume to create a new scent is an excellent idea. There is a lot of experimentation that is part of this process. Dabbing two perfumes together or mixing small portions of perfumes to create a new scent is an excellent idea which ensures that perfumes don’t go waste if the results are not favorable.

How to find discontinued fragrances and perfumes?

Many times perfume brands keep changing their product range depending on various factors which results in a discontinuation of a particular type of perfume. The iconic and popular perfumes like Chanel No. 5 are never discontinued but many times a great perfume bottle is just discontinued and it is difficult to even find a bottle. Trying to find a bottle on Google is a good idea.

Delisted perfumes can also be found on what is known as the perfume “grey market” on the internet. A grey market is an unofficial market for such perfume, where such bottles of perfumes which do not exist in stores can be found easily. Perfumes can be imported from abroad where the perfume is not yet been sold out or delisted and then can be legitimately imported into the country. The grey market perfumes, however, do not come with any guarantees and they could be fakes. But if a perfume is unavailable anywhere else trying the grey market is a last-ditch desperate effort to buy the perfume.

Perfumes are a major part of a person’s life and smelling good is always key to a groomed and well-mannered personality. Many people have signature scents and it is important to choose the right smelling cologne while buying it from the store. The above mentioned are just some of the frequently asked questions about perfumes and it is important to know about buying perfumes before buying them from the market.